P3: National Park

National Park



  • Project overview:  In this project, we were assigned to create a flyer for a National, along with a post card and a logo.  I wanted to do something different, so I chose the Arches in Utah. I fell in love with the scenery if anything.
  • Message/Audience: In this project, I chose for the message to be for people who are interested in traveling to different places over the summer or just in general. This is a good place to go in the summer but be mindful it gets really hot. Great place to go sightseeing and more!
  • Things you learned: I learned that if you just spend hours and hours of looking for different designs, you can do so much more. It may take a while to find something you like, but in the end, it’ll be all worth it. And you’ll be happy with the masterpiece you created.
  • Meeting with instructor: When I met with Pingel, he wanted me to expand my picture on the whole page, stretch my text so it comes out more, remove the big box, and make the text flow with the picture of the arches.
  • Color Scheme: I used a tetradic color scheme in my design.
  • Fonts: The title font that I used is called, Archertype and the body copy font that I used is called, Raleway.
  • Sketch:

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